The beginning

It happened in the year of 2004,

when at the annual meeting of Blue Knights®Germany X,

a new member was accepted.
It concerned the young Knight Andreas Bünning.

This young Knight came from the distal Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Long before him also other Knights from the land of Lakes and Woods

had found the way to Germany X.

As there were:
Jörg von Rüden, also called Bomber.

Bernd Friedrich, also known as Rommel or Frieda.
Andreas Laudan, better known as Cruchot.
And now the reader is asking:
‚‚So, what does the scribbler actually want to say??? ’’
Well, it is simple.
The Chapter Germany X is located in Schleswig-Holstein.
The concentrated reader probably now is asking:
‚‚Why are they doing that or why do not they stay in their own federal state??? ’’
This question is also to be answered easily.
At that point of time

there simply was no chapter of the Blue Knights® in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
As this matter of fact ought to be changed now.
So, still during the annual Meeting of Germany X the decision has been made:

to found a Chapter in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
As a Guest Rider the Knight Andreas Michalik from Germany XXVI,
also known as Schwede oder Wellensittich (Swede or budgie)
(you also may combine as – Swedish budgie),
also participated at this annual meeting of Germany X.
Before the reader is going to ask questions again,

Germany XXVI is located in Thüringen,
although Schwede is working in the city of Lübeck.
However he set his heart on the east.
Therefore he crossed the divide
and introduced his ideas to us immediately.
So, now there were 5 Knights of us, who wanted to create something new,

something of our own.
At first we faced the problem, that the Blue Knights® in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

were pretty much unknown.
That meant alot of work came upon us.
We looked for suitors among the colleagues in our police stations.
On coures flyer were handed out.
Then we realised that everyone pottered about it himself.

It could not work out this way!
Schwede suggested to gather and to deliberate

upon the development of the upcoming.
An appointment was set up.
And so it happened, that the Knights Schwede, Bomber and Cruchot
met on 05. Februar des Jahres 2005
at Rabenhorst and discussed the issue.
The knight Rommel had to cancel his attendence last minute.
He was informed about the strategy afterwards.

Having coffee, cake and a glass of milk for Cruchot

an informative afternoon began.

At this point some more interested fellows

could be attracted already.

After we were full, the discussion of the topics began.
It did not take long, until someone made first suggestions.
We need a regular’s table,

where we would meet once a month

and discuss further issues and developments.

But particularly we needed a contact point for interested fellows,

where they could receive information about the Blue Knights®.
No sooner said than done, the restaurant „Alte Molkerei“ in Bargeshagen,
located on the main road B105, was choosen as a possible location.
Bomber took over the organisation of the dates.
There were also proposals for a chapter’s emblem.

To write down the mulitudes of proposals at this point would have taken months.
Schwede usurped the embroidery.
No, he does not embroid himself, but  organised it.
Soon appeared the question about the vests.
Cruchot remarked,
that he has read in the forum of the Blue Knigths® about somebody

who has already provided other chapters with vests.
Reportedly that one also would dispatch samples.
We decided to have a look at them.
In advance Cruchot had already contacted Holk Opitz from Orga Team
and requested all kinds of material on the topic of founding a Chapter.
Holk was very excited about the idea
to establish a Chapter of the Blue Knights® in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

But at the same time he also informed us,
that without the green light given by the European Board a chapter’s foundation is impossible.
So, Cruchot contacted CD Müller, the European Chairman
who also was excited about it.
The green light was given.
The sun had set long time ago

and the thermometer showed a temperature of some degrees below zero

when we ended our first official chapter foundation meeting.
Us three participants came to the conclusion,
that we achieved alot this afternoon.
As a good time for the foundation event

we determined November 2005.
The next meeting was set up for the

second Wednesday of April 2005.
The first regular’s table!
A memorable event.


E-Mail Distribution list


The Knights Schwede, Bomber and Rommel choose Cruchot to be the contact point of information.
So, Cruchot set up an email distribution list,
to forward all incoming information and ideas to all Knights and aspirants as soon as possible.
Believe it or not, the first mail was sent to three mail accounts.
But this was going to be changed soon.


Circular letter


A lot of things happened

once the decision about founding a new chapter in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has been made.

But the ongoing was tough.
The already known knights decided on a circular letter,
to reach every biking police officer.
Cruchot volunteered to set up and distribute such a letter.
It happened on 21 Feburary 2005.
A circular email was sent through LAPIS system to each police officer
of the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
The same letter was spread by Schwede

through the duty network of the German Federal Police.


After the circular letter


On 22 and 23 February 2005 Cruchot was busy in answering calls,
as there were many.
But when most callers were informed about

- incorporated society, membership fee, association work, organising meetings -
most of them refused.
But there also were a few colleagues

who were excited about the idea of the Blue Knights®
and signed in for the first regular’s table in April.
Even via email Cruchot received registrations.
All of them with the same content.
That is how the distribution list of email accounts rapidly grow up to a number of 9 -

and it was going to become even more.
Additionally some of the interested did not have internet access

and were informed about the news via telephone.

Now, ideas came up regularly

about the chapter’s emblem, the meeting locations of the regular’s table, social partner etc...
All the information and ideas were diligently collected by Cruchot,
to be presented in time to the community for voting.
Now things began to become real fun.
People who did not knew each other before started to pick up the rope

that had been layed down in front of their feet
and pulled in the same direction,
in the direction of chapter’s foundation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


First regular’s table


Bomber volunteered to organise the first regular’s table.
And so it happened.
The first regular’s table of the future Chapter in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,
took place on Wednesday, 13 April 2005.
Cruchot requested from Bernd Maler a sampler collection of the Blue Knights® products on offer and the prompt delivery arrived in time.
With luggage as if being on vacation for 14 days,
Cruchot entered the „Alte Molkerei“.
Bit by bit one after the other motorbike arrived on the parking lot.
After also Schwede arrived

without further ado he was declared to the moderator of the event.

That is how it came up to one of Schwede’s infamous vocal thinking.

It still is unbelievably amazing

how long someone can talk without taking a breath.
Or did he speak while breathing in?
Anyway, Schwede introduced us shortly to the idea of the Blue Knights®
as well as to our intention.
Most of the participants had been entered in the distribution list of Cruchot

and were already updated with all the news.

Still, one or the other asked a question.
Some knew each other already personally,

others so far only from mailing.
Now they all mixed and met.
Cruchot even was able to already take some orders for the Blue Knights® collection.
Only on the smurf blue color of the vest not everybody could agree.

Overall it was a very successful evening

and the prices for food and drinks at the „Alte Molkerei“ were a pleasure to our wallets.
We also took a first common action into consideration.

In the end of this evening 22 names showed up on the attendance list of the first regular’ table.

Not bad fort he beginning.


Second regular’s table


On Wednesday, 11 May 2005 the second regular’s table
took place under the proven conditions.
After the announcement of foundation of the Chapter Germany XXIX

cheering among the attendees broke out

One of them shouted to the crowd:

"And we will incorporate 14 days later."

No one had expected this.
But more and more raised their voice acclaiming this idea.
So why wait until November?
Even though nothing had been set up yet

(statute, emblem, social partner etc.)
and no one really knew the ropes, so that you could say,

we are really going to do this thing.

But the future members claimed the quickest possible foundation

of Germany XXX Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

So, there was no other choice

than following the request.

Saturday, 18 June 2005 was choosen as the foundation date.
Work began.
Rommel organised the location and accommodation for the guests.
Schwede drafted the needed documents (statute etc.).
Cruchot again requested samples of vests from Bernd Maler,
wich have to be smurf blue according to Holk Opitz.
Holk Opitz was invited to lead the foundation meeting.


The foundation meeting


On 18 June 2005 it happened.
At the restaurant

„Zum Bauernhaus“
Am Dorfteich 16
in 18059 Rostock-Biestow

the foundation of Chapter Germany XXX was carried out.

As foundation members there were 18 names written down on the attendance list.

At the same time another six members,
who could not participate in the foundation meeting personally,

were accepted as members.

So, the Chapter Germany XXX was going to start with 24 members.

There have been foundation meeting with less members before.

As guests, delegations from


Germany III, Buchholz in der Nordheide

Germany VIII, Bremen

Germany X, Schleswig Holstein

Germany XVII, Münsterland

Germany XXVI, Thüringen

Germany XXVII, Brandenburg


The following should also be mentioned by name.
Holk Opitz, by now elected Secretary at the European Board

and leader of the foundation meeting of Germany XXX.
Heike Schultz, Treasurer of the European Board,
who also volunteered to act as recording clerk of the process of the foundation meeting,
Wulf Bruelheide, 2nd Vice Chairman of the European Board,
who looked after the two aforementioned whether they do their job alright.

After the official part the present company sat together and had a very pleasant evening

enjoying the provided foods and drinks.
Everybody came to the conclusion that this was a successful first event

of the Chapter Germany XXX.
But now again the real work started.

So let’s sort out things together.


Ride with Pride


created by Cruchot